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Bubble - Blur Elements Plugin


This Plugin allows you to Blur out any Elements within your app such as a piece of text, an image or a group. This plugin can be used to blur out premium content for non-premium users or just as an UX tool for your app. You can trigger a Blur effect within a workflow and you can define the opacity and Blur radius.
For a demo of this plugin please visit:


After installing the Plugin you gain access to the "Blur" and "Remove Blur" action within your workflow. You will have to expose the ability to add an ID attribute to elements by going to settings->general and checking the box. Set an unique element id for the element where the blur effect should be applied to and trigger a blur effect within a workflow, such as a click of a button. Enter the same Element Id into the field named "Element ID" and specify the Blur radius and the opacity. The opacity has to be a number between 0 and 1. To remove a blur effect simply run the "Remove Blur" action and specify the element id of the element that had been previously blurred out.