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Bubble - Loading Spinners


This Plugin enables you to add up to 12 beautiful loading animations to your bubble app, greatly enhancing the user experience . You can trigger the loading animation within a workflow or just add the element to the page and make it visible with conditional statements. Currently the loading animations are all in the same colour (#20A4F3). For a demo please visit:


There are two elements included with this plugin:
  1. 1.
    The "Spinner" element can be placed anywhere within your app but has be activated and deactivated within a workflow under Element Actions -> Show Spinner/Hide Spinner. This is ideal if you want to show a Popup for example and start showing the spinner at the beginning of the workflow and then hiding it at the end of the spinner.
  2. 2.
    The "Constant Spinner" element is always visible on page load and cannot by accessed within a workflow. This element is ideal if you want it to be displayed only when a repeating group is loading data. To do this, simply uncheck the checkbox "This element is visible on page load" and than add a conditional such as "When Repeating Group A is Loading" -> "This element is visible."