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Bubble - Job Board/Search Template


This is Job Board/Job Searching Template. The Template consists of 8 pages which are all responsive and optimised for mobile use.
The Template can be used as an online Job Board or Job Platform and has the following features:
  • Users can search for Jobs by Category and/or Location.
  • Users can look at, share and apply to Jobs on the platform.
  • Employers can Sign up and get access to their own dashboard where they can edit their company profile, create new jobs and manage/view incoming applications (including replying via email).
For a demo access please use the following Login Credentials:
email: [email protected] password: demo

Data Types

There are 5 Data Types:


The User Data Type is the standard Bubble Data Type. We have just added one other field named "company" which is the company that is associated with the user. (See Data Type company)

Job Type

This Data Type defines the different Job categories that are present on the site. So for example Software Engineer, Sales and Legal are all Job Types that were created. In order to add new Job Types to your App, head over to your Data->App Data Tab and create a new Job Type data entry.


The Company Data Tab defines the employers that are signed up on the platform. When a new user signs up, a new "company" is created. The data type company contains various fields such as description, name ,url etc.


The Data Type "Job" represents the individual Job postings that are publicly listed on the app. Besides a title, image, description, Jobtype and location, all Jobs also have to be assigned to a company (see Data Type above). When a new Job is created in the Dashboard, the current users company will be automatically assigned as the company for the created job.


The "Application" data type represents the individual applications form the applicants on the platform. Each application must be assigned a Job and a Company (see above) in order to be correctly assigned to the applied job and displayed in the dashboard. The individual fields such as name,email,message,qualification etc. can be modified according to your needs. The field "cv" is of data type file and allows the applicant to upload his cv (or another document).


Index Page

You can modify the "About Us" text and the images to your needs. In the section "Jobs by Category", the Categories are NOT added Dynamically. This means that you have to manually insert any text and icons for additional categories that should be displayed. In order to point the user to the correct destination when the Category is clicked, set the Group Data Type to "jobtype" and as the Data Source choose "Search for jobtypes:first item" and under constraints, add a constraint for the name field of the category(jobtype) this group should point to.

Search Page (Data Type: Job Type)

The Search page displays job results as specified. The Data Type of this page is Job Type, which means that the Job Type cannot be empty. One additional parameter which can be present in the URL, is a location constraint (in the URL as "pos"). When no address is specified, ALL results of the specified Job Type will be displayed. Only once a location is specified, will the constraint go into effect. This is done via a conditional statement on the repeating group, specifying two different data sources depending on wether or not the Search Box is empty.

Dashboard (Data Type: User)

There are two copies of the Dashboard page: one for the desktop use (dashboard) and one for use on mobile devices (dashboardmobile). In our eyes, this was the best solution to maximise the User Experience. The functionality on both versions of the page is identical, except replying to applicants via email, which is only possible on the desktop version. The dashboard pages make use of custom states, to display the various submenus (overview,jobs,applications), depending on what button is pressed.

Job (Data Type: Job)

The job page displays a job that is listed on the application. It is therefore of Data Type "job". The Job page consists of three sections: General Information, description and similar jobs. The similar jobs section contains a repeating group which displays for jobs of the same category (job type) that are within 20 kms of the current jobs location. Users can directly apply to the job by clicking the Apply button and filling out the application form that appears in a popup. Users do not have to be logged in to apply.

Employer (Data Type: Company)

The Employer page is a publicly visible page which displays information about an Employer (Data Type: Company) on the platform. The information displayed in the upper part of this page can be edited in the dashboard by the owner of the respective company. The page also displays current Jon openings of the employer.
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