Bubble - Transform and Translate Elements


This Plugin allows you to transform and translate Elements in your app within a workflow. The following Actions are included:
  • Translate X
  • Translate Y
  • Translate X/Y
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Skew X
  • Skew Y
  • Change Opacity
    This Plugin can be used to create your own animations and make your app more interactive.
For a demo of this Plugin please visit:


After installing this Plugin head to Settings->General and Enable the option to add ID attributes to HTML Elements. Choose an element within your editor that should be transformed/translated and give it an unique Element ID within the Element Inspector. You can now trigger one of the various actions within a workflow. You will have to specify the Element ID of the element that should be targeted as well as some other paramaters according to the action which is used (see documentation within Workflow)