Bubble - Simple Text to Speech


This is a simple Text to Speech Plugin which you can use to let the browser read out any text on your app. You can trigger a text to speech action within a workflow and specify the volume, the pitch, the rate and choose from over 60 different voices that should be used. Furthermore you can use the pause,resume and stop actions within a workflow. This Plugin can be used to read out any form of text on your site which can be useful to tell the user instructions and/or to improve the User Experience.
For a demo of this Plugin please visit:


You will have to enable the option to expose ID attributes to HTML Elements within Settings->General of your app. After installing the Plugin you will have access to the Start,Pause, Resume and Stop action within your workflows. You can specify the volume,pitch,rate and the voice within the start action. Furthermore you have to assign an element id to a piece of text and enter the same element id into the field within the Start action. You can pause the text to speech action using the pause action. Furthermore you can use the resume action to continue the text to speech action from the last pause point. The stop action will completely stop the Text to speech action.