Bubble - Clock Plugin


This plugin allows you to add a live clock to your app as well as countdowns and start/stop timers. Features include:
  • Clock with current time (including seconds)
  • Countdown to a certain date (counting down)
  • Countdown from a second date (counting up)
  • Start/Stop Timer
*Please note, currently this Plugin only supports one clock element for a page. Adding more than one clock element will break the Plugin.
  • The clock element have a fixed width and will be to wide for use on mobile


Simply drag your desired clock element onto your app editor. Depending on the element you have chosen, you will have to configure a date or a countdown time.
Countdown: Will count down from a specified number of seconds from page load.
Countup_from: Will count up from a certain date and time that you can specify
Coutdonwn_to: Will count down to a certain data and time that you can specify
Clock: Clock showing the current users time
Stop/Start Clock: A clock that can be controlled using an element action (start or stop) in a workflow.